Counseling and clinical therapy honoring the uniqueness of you and yours

I support families, couples and individuals nurture the capacity for self reflection, insight, discernment and change.

Beyond the initial reason for engaging in therapy, I often help people and their loved ones explore the underlying patterns in behaviors, relationships and overall life engagement that hinder growth, progress and satisfaction. I view the therapeutic process as an extremely intimate and vulnerable time in which the expertise of your lived experience is deeply respected and much needed. In collaboration, the expression of your lived experience joins with my clinical knowledge to create the therapeutic platform where you can begin to address the circumstances, challenges, and pains that brought you to counseling while learning skills, tools, techniques and approaches to support you and your loved ones outside of therapy. My previous work within a Dialectical Behavioral Therapy partial-hospitalization program and Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy agency allows me to support clients with a wide range of evidence-based skills and practices throughout the therapeutic journey. These skills are not just limited to individual sessions and often pair well within both couples and family therapy.

I have a social justice background and bring a social justice approach to my therapy work. I believe it is important for people to have access to mental health care that acknowledges the existence and impact of racism, implicit bias, trauma and oppression. Within a social justice framework it can also be necessary to note systems and how they may pressure or harm. Understanding the psychological influence of our lived experience is an important facet to sustained progress and something that is often present in the undertones of my therapeutic support.

  • Seattle, WA, USA

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